Installation tool to install Kubernetes on a Linux servers
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SNAPS-Kubernetes is step 3 for the SNAPSTM Program we are developing at CableLabs. It is an installation tool to install Kubernetes on a Linux machines that have been initialized with SNAPS-Boot.

If you're working with Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) or just building your own cloud, then this is where you want to be.

Getting started

SNAPS-Boot is a prerequisite for SNAPS-Kubernetes, so you'll want to start there.

Once you've completed the SNAPS-Boot install, you'll want to read the SNAPS-Kubernetes install guide. That's where you'll be able to clone this repo and commence building:

$ git clone

If you're new to git and GitHub, be sure to check out the Pro Git book. GitHub Help is also outstanding.


SNAPS-Kubernetes was originally built by CableLabs and Aricent, but we could use your help! Check out our contributing guidelines to get started.

Other important stuff

We use an Apache 2.0 License for SNAPS-Kubernetes.

Questions? Just send us an email at or Join the conversation: IRC.