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CBOR diagnostic utilities

This little set of tools provides a number of command line utilities for converting to and from CBOR and its diagnostic notation as well as some libraries for this in the Ruby language.



gem install cbor-diag

Command line utilities

Specifically, the tools...

  • cbor2diag.rb
  • cbor2json.rb
  • cbor2pretty.rb
  • cbor2yaml.rb
  • cborseq2diag.rb
  • cborseq2json.rb
  • cborseq2neatjson.rb
  • cborseq2yaml.rb
  • diag2cbor.rb
  • diag2pretty.rb
  • json2cbor.rb
  • json2pretty.rb
  • pretty2cbor.rb
  • pretty2diag.rb
  • yaml2cbor.rb pretty much what you would expect them to do, given these definitions:

  • "cbor" is a single binary CBOR data item.
  • "cborseq" is a sequence of zero or more binary CBOR data items.
  • "diag" is CBOR's diagnostic notation, with the extensions in RFC 8610 (extended diagnostic notation, EDN) and RFC 8742 (without the outer brackets).
  • "json" is JSON.
  • "neatjson" is a neater form of JSON.
  • "pretty" is the pretty-printed representation of binary CBOR as used by
  • "yaml" is YAML.

Output is to stdout, input from stdin or files given as command line arguments. Options:

  • json2cbor.rb:
    • -v: be verbose about sizes in bytes.
  • cbor2diag.rb, cborseq2diag.rb:
    • -e: output byte strings as embedded CBOR if well-formed as such (e.g., printf 'CBOR' | cbor2diag.rb -et outputs << 'OR' >>).
    • -t: output byte strings that are valid UTF-8 text as such in single quotes (e.g., 'foo' instead of h'666F6F').
    • -u: don't escape beyond-ASCII characters in strings (e.g., "ü" instead of "\u00fc")

These commands have a .rb suffix in their names to avoid conflicts: versions of the same functionality are available under similar names in other CBOR packages, e.g. json2cbor in the CBOR NPM.

Ruby libraries

  • "cbor-pure" is a pure-Ruby implementation of CBOR, with some diagnostic capabilities. It is aided by "half.rb" for 16-bit IEEE 754 floating point numbers (which Ruby strangely doesn't directly support).
  • "cbor-diag-parser" is a parser for CBOR's diagnostic notation and the heart of diag2cbor.rb and diag2pretty.rb. (Source is in treetop; compiled .rb also included.)
  • "cbor-diagnostic" is a dumper for CBOR's diagnostic notation.
  • "cbor-pretty" is a pretty-printer for binary CBOR.

No documentation; use the source, for now (the above command line utilities should show the basic usage).


CBOR diagnostic utilities






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