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@@ -552,7 +552,12 @@ the markdown document. He also uses a slightly different referencing
syntax, which is closer to what markdown does elsewhere but more
verbose (this syntax is now also supported in kramdown-rfc2629).
(Miek now also has a new thing going on with mostly different syntax,
see [mmark][].)
see [mmark][] and its [github repository][mmark-git].)

Other human-oriented markup input languages that are being used for authoring RFCXML include:

* [asciidoc][], with the [asciidoctor-rfc][] tool, as documented in [draft-ribose-asciirfc][].
* [orgmode][] (please help supply a more specific link here).

# License

@@ -571,5 +576,10 @@ made it possible to license kramdown-rfc2629 under the same license.
[RFC 7328]:

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