Lixxia's i3lock fork with caps lock and keyboard layout displaying.
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This is my fork of Lixxia's i3lock copy.

It has following differences:

  • Indicates current keyboard layout (used source files of xkb-switch). Use "--no-keyboard-layout" option to turn it off
  • Indicates caps lock state (if it's active the "CAPS" label will appear). Use "--no-caps-lock-state" option to turn it off
  • Indicates input visualization: as you type your password string with asterisk showing number of typed characters appears. Use "--no-input-visualization" to turn it off
  • Specify button radius ('-R' option, default 90)
  • Specify time font size ('-F' option, default 32)
  • Specify circle opacity ('-O' option, default 0.4)
  • Specify border and text opacity('-T' option default 1)
  • Specify unlock indicator position providing '-X' and '-Y' arguments with desired x and y offsets from right bottom corner (see screenshots below)



i3lock -i ~/Pictures/wallpaper.png

Default state

Key Press

On key press





-R option allows user to specify radius of the indicator

'i3lock -i ~/Pictures/wallpaper.png -R 150'


Specify font size with '-F' option

'i3lock -i ~/Pictures/wallpaper.png -R 150 -F 50'

'-R', '-F'

Pass a big radius

'/i3lock -i ~/Pictures/wallpaper.png -R 800'

Big radius

And combine it with specific font size

'/i3lock -i ~/Pictures/wallpaper.png -R 800 -F 100'

Big radius and big font

Or do even something like this(with '-X' and '-Y' options)

'i3lock -i ~/Pictures/wallpaper.png -R 1300 -F 100 -X 400 -Y 200'



$ git clone
$ cd i3lock
# make install