Access your SSH-hosted pictures remotely from your Android device
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Remote Gallery is an application for Android devices which connects to a SSH server where your pictures are available and downloads the images to your device.

It was envisioned to be a quick solution to a problem I frequently had: I wanted to show someone a picture from my collection, but even though my complete collection is available on my personal server (as part of my backup solution), there was no easy way to find the picture I was looking for.

Even if I knew on which album the picture was, there was no way to find it without downloading the whole album. With pictures sometimes reaching 4MB per file, it was a difficult procedure over a mobile connection, not to mention bandwidth limits or areas of low network reception.

Remote Gallery saves bandwidth and speeds up the download by reducing the size of the images on the server prior to being sent. The images are saved locally on the device, displayed as thumbnails, and are made available to other apps on the device.

Remote Gallery requires a functional server component. Configuration instructions can be found at: