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Manage your middleman meta tags.
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Middleman Metaman

Metman Logo By Cache Ventures.

Metaman makes it easy to manage your meta tags on a Middleman site.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'middleman-metaman'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install middleman-metaman


Within the config.rb of the middleman project, include the line

activate :metaman, host: ''


Put this in the head of your site

  <%= display_meta_tags %>

You can set meta tags using multiple methods. The order of priority from lowest to highest is defaults (data/meta_tags.yml), translations, front matter, page specific variables set via set_meta_tags in a template.

Setting Defaults

The defaults file lives in data/meta_tags.yml. You can set any meta tag you would like. It will be converted to a hash and merged during page generation. Nested parameters like { og: { title: 'My Title' } } will become og:title.

Setting via Templates

<% set_page_meta(title: 'My Title', og: { image: 'meta-image.png' } )

Setting via Front Matter

Only the title and description can be set via Front Matter at this time.

Setting via Translations

The gem will look for translations like so. If your page is called thank_you.html.erb your translations should go under en > thank_you > meta > ...

Image Handling

Any key that includes image in it will automatically have the host prepended and will use the image_path helper.

Property / Name Attribute

This gem currently supports generating meta tags using the property attribute for any meta tags that start with og:, music:, music:, video:, article:, book:, profile:.

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