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Cachix - Nix binary cache hosting: Never build software twice.

$ cachix --help command line interface

Usage: cachix [--hostname URI] [-c|--config CONFIGPATH] [-v|--verbose]

  To get started log in to

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  --hostname URI           Host to connect to (default:
  -c,--config CONFIGPATH   Cachix configuration file
                           (default: "/home/domen/.config/cachix/cachix.dhall")
  -v,--verbose             Verbose mode
  -V,--version             Show cachix version

Available commands:
  authtoken                Configure an authentication token for Cachix
  config                   Manage configuration settings for cachix
  daemon                   Run a daemon that listens to push requests over a
                           unix socket
  generate-keypair         Generate a signing key pair for a binary cache
  push                     Upload Nix store paths to a binary cache
  import                   Import the contents of a binary cache from an
                           S3-compatible object storage service into Cachix,
                           e.g. s3://localhost:9000/mybucket
  pin                      Pin a store path to prevent it from being garbage
  watch-exec               Run a command while watching /nix/store for newly
                           added store paths and upload them to a binary cache
  watch-store              Watch /nix/store for newly added store paths and
                           upload them to a binary cache
  use                      Configure a binary cache in nix.conf
  remove                   Remove a binary cache from nix.conf
  deploy                   Manage remote Nix-based systems with Cachix Deploy


  1. Install the Cachix client using Nix:
nix-env -iA cachix -f

Also available as pkgs.cachix in nixpkgs.

  1. Login via to start using the service


Install Cachix from master:

nix-env -if --substituters '' --trusted-public-keys ''

Or with Nix 2.4+:

nix profile install github:cachix/cachix/latest --accept-flake-config