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When adding a device from command line, testing of data sources can cause errors to be recorded #4273

zuka1337 opened this issue May 19, 2021 · 1 comment
bug Undesired behaviour resolved A fixed issue


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And becomes impossible to add devices by cli with an associated template Device containning graphs that cannot be created by this error:

/usr/bin/php -q /cacti/cli/add_device.php --description=HOSTNAME--ip=IP --community=CM --template=X--version=2 --port=161 --avail=pingsnmp --disable=1


  Version:  5.8

  -h, --help            display this help message
  -H                    display configuration file directives understood
  -v 1|2c|3             specifies SNMP version to use
  -V, --version         display package version number
SNMP Version 1 or 2c specific
  -c COMMUNITY          set the community string
SNMP Version 3 specific
  -a PROTOCOL           set authentication protocol (MD5|SHA|SHA-224|SHA-256|SHA-384|SHA-512)
  -A PASSPHRASE         set authentication protocol pass phrase
  -e ENGINE-ID          set security engine ID (e.g. 800000020109840301)
  -E ENGINE-ID          set context engine ID (e.g. 800000020109840301)
  -l LEVEL              set security level (noAuthNoPriv|authNoPriv|authPriv)
  -n CONTEXT            set context name (e.g. bridge1)
  -u USER-NAME          set security name (e.g. bert)
  -x PROTOCOL           set privacy protocol (DES|AES|AES-192|AES-256)
  -X PASSPHRASE         set privacy protocol pass phrase
  -Z BOOTS,TIME         set destination engine boots/time
General communication options
  -r RETRIES            set the number of retries
  -t TIMEOUT            set the request timeout (in seconds)
  -d                    dump input/output packets in hexadecimal
  -D[TOKEN[,...]]       turn on debugging output for the specified TOKENs
                           (ALL gives extremely verbose debugging output)
General options
  -m MIB[:...]          load given list of MIBs (ALL loads everything)
  -M DIR[:...]          look in given list of directories for MIBs
    (default: /root/.snmp/mibs:/usr/share/snmp/mibs)
  -P MIBOPTS            Toggle various defaults controlling MIB parsing:
                          u:  allow the use of underlines in MIB symbols
                          c:  disallow the use of "--" to terminate comments
                          d:  save the DESCRIPTIONs of the MIB objects
                          e:  disable errors when MIB symbols conflict
                          w:  enable warnings when MIB symbols conflict
                          W:  enable detailed warnings when MIB symbols conflict
                          R:  replace MIB symbols from latest module
  -O OUTOPTS            Toggle various defaults controlling output display:
                          0:  print leading 0 for single-digit hex characters
                          a:  print all strings in ascii format
                          b:  do not break OID indexes down
                          e:  print enums numerically
                          E:  escape quotes in string indices
                          f:  print full OIDs on output
                          n:  print OIDs numerically
                          p PRECISION:  display floating point values with specified PRECISION (printf format string)
                          q:  quick print for easier parsing
                          Q:  quick print with equal-signs
                          s:  print only last symbolic element of OID
                          S:  print MIB module-id plus last element
                          t:  print timeticks unparsed as numeric integers
                          T:  print human-readable text along with hex strings
                          u:  print OIDs using UCD-style prefix suppression
                          U:  don't print units
                          v:  print values only (not OID = value)
                          x:  print all strings in hex format
                          X:  extended index format
  -I INOPTS             Toggle various defaults controlling input parsing:
                          b:  do best/regex matching to find a MIB node
                          h:  don't apply DISPLAY-HINTs
                          r:  do not check values for range/type legality
                          R:  do random access to OID labels
                          u:  top-level OIDs must have '.' prefix (UCD-style)
                          s SUFFIX:  Append all textual OIDs with SUFFIX before parsing
                          S PREFIX:  Prepend all textual OIDs with PREFIX before parsing
  -L LOGOPTS            Toggle various defaults controlling logging:
                          e:           log to standard error
                          o:           log to standard output
                          n:           don't log at all
                          f file:      log to the specified file
                          s facility:  log to syslog (via the specified facility)

                          [EON] pri:   log to standard error, output or /dev/null for level 'pri' and above
                          [EON] p1-p2: log to standard error, output or /dev/null for levels 'p1' to 'p2'
                          [FS] pri token:    log to file/syslog for level 'pri' and above
                          [FS] p1-p2 token:  log to file/syslog for levels 'p1' to 'p2'
  -C APPOPTS            Set various application specific behaviours:
                          f:  do not fix errors and retry the request
No hostname specified.

At the end you're still gonna ending up with the device added, but the erros will mess your eyes.
The input scripts runs fine manually

Note: Nothing is bad with snmp (I know you're thinking :D)

@zuka1337 zuka1337 added bug Undesired behaviour unverified Some days we don't have a clue labels May 19, 2021
TheWitness added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 25, 2021
There were multiple fixes to this file, but this corrects issues with the Script Server script testing.
@TheWitness TheWitness added resolved A fixed issue and removed unverified Some days we don't have a clue labels Jun 25, 2021
@TheWitness TheWitness added this to the 1.2.18 milestone Jun 25, 2021
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Please grab lib/functions.php from the latest 1.2.x branch and test. Report back.

@netniV netniV closed this as completed Jun 30, 2021
@netniV netniV changed the title 1.2.17 add_device.php snmpget erros when template id is given When adding a device from command line, testing of data sources can cause errors to be recorded Jul 4, 2021
@github-actions github-actions bot locked and limited conversation to collaborators Oct 3, 2021
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bug Undesired behaviour resolved A fixed issue
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