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Göktuğ’s Emacs Setup


This is my GNU Emacs setup.

The basic structure is as follows:

├ init.el
│   The init file.
├ lisp/
│   Various programs that are not loaded unless needed. Not in
│   loadpath.
├ lisp/site/
│   Third party Elisp.
├ extras/
│   Various non-elisp programmes that are used by my emacs
│   setup.
├ themes/
│   Custom themes
└ etc
  ├ custom.el
  │   M-x Customize settings.
  └ load-test.el
      Used by gk-test-init, test whether emacs loads successfully.

Installation / updating

There are multiple ways to activate this configuration:

  • run the invasion (see perldoc invade) from the repo root
  • copy/link this tree to ~/.emacs.d
  • load init.el via the load function
  • link init.el to ~/.emacs.d (not tested)

Choose EITHER.

Göktuğ’s Elisp repository is assumed to be accessible at ~/co/elisp. This should be easy to modify, in the prelude of init.el.

The following commands should suffice to initiate, provided the configuration itself is installed:

# This applies if Göktuğ's Elisp repo is not downloaded
$ git clone ~/co/elisp
$ cd ~/.emacs.d
$ make all

Building Emacs

Use the commands below to build Emacs on a Debian stable system (e.g. the alpha-debian config in this repo:

# apt-get build-dep emacs25 emacs-pdf-tools


Unless stated otherwise within the file or the directory, all the code in this repository is released in the public domain. Make use of it as you like.

The `themes’ directory may contain third party code. Code there is subject to the terms stated therewithin, if stated.