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Caddy as a service examples

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Please see dist/init/linux-systemd for the most recent complete systemd unit file.

You will need systemd version ≥229! For example: Ubuntu 16.04, Coreos 1029.0.0, Debian unstable sid (not 8.0), Fedora rawhide (not 23) and later come with that version of systemd.

FreeBSD rc.d

Example for an init script on FreeBSD:


You can use in order to automatically launch, and restart if crashed Caddy.

  1. First download both NSSM and Caddy then extract them to c:\myserver\
  2. Then install Caddy as a service by entering the following commands in your Terminal:

c:\myserver\nssm.exe install Caddy c:\myserver\caddy.exe
c:\myserver\nssm.exe set Caddy AppDirectory C:\myserver\
c:\myserver\nssm.exe set Caddy AppParameters -agree=true -log=C:\myserver\Caddylog.log Or whatever parameters you need to pass


You can download Caddy with caddy-service plugin already embedded on it.

  1. Download Caddy with caddy-service (hook.service option).
  2. Install and start Caddy as a service.

caddy -service install [caddyOptions]
caddy -service start

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