The backend of the Caddy website

Caddy Developer Portal

Currently under heavy construction

This is the web service that powers the Caddy website. It maintains the database of developer accounts, registered plugins, and cached builds.

Basic Usage

The devportal command can be run like so:

$ devportal

This will create a database (or use an existing one) in the current directory, called caddy.db. You can change this with the -db flag.

To use the build, deploy, or download functions of the developer portal, you will need to run a Caddy build worker. Make sure the dev portal can talk to the build worker by setting the same BUILDWORKER_CLIENT_ID and BUILDWORKER_CLIENT_KEY environment variables as you did for the build worker. If the build worker is listening on an address other than the default, tell the developer portal that address with the -buildworker command line option.

The dev portal caches successful builds. If you will be performing builds locally and don't want to clutter up your disk, set -cachesize to a small value (minimum 1, since all downloads are served from the cache).

Change the cache directory by setting -cachedir (default is "./cache"). However, keep in mind that any previous cache directories may still be referenced by the database, which stores an index of the cached builds. If you delete a cache directory, be sure to clear its entries from the database.

If you will be using any of the functions to send email, you need to set SENDGRID_API_KEY with your SendGrid API key.