Simple guided examples of how to use Caddy
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Examples for using Caddy Web Server

This repository contains community-contributed, simple, guided examples of using Caddy with a variety of web applications and purposes.

Simply choose a folder that describes what you're trying to use Caddy for or with. Look at the Caddyfile in that folder, and follow the instructions there for more information.

Pay attention to when the file you're looking at was last updated. Some may need to be updated to work with newer versions of Caddy.


Please contribute new examples! We're happy to accept contributions that adhere to these quality standards:

  • Organize examples by application or use case. The top-level folders of this repo should be names of applications or use cases. Within each folder, there may be subfolders if there are multiple examples for it.
  • The example should generalize. It's okay to add an example for a niche (uncommon) application, but not a niche use of a niche application.
  • Be as minimal as possible. If it doesn't need to be in the Caddyfile to work properly, then don't put it in, even if you like it. We want people to learn precisely what they came to learn, the other stuff can follow.
  • Write a helpful README. Each example folder should contain a README with simple, concise instructions. Use your best grammar and cite sources! Do not over-explain, but don't leave it totally empty either. At minimum, explain why your example works. Be specific about what the example accomplishes.
  • Create a Caddyfile file. When applicable, create a file in your example folder called Caddyfile with the contents of the Caddyfile. You may annotate the Caddyfile with comments or describe it in the README, either way is fine.
  • Please keep it maintained. As the web application or use case associated with your example evolves, please keep the example maintained for future readers. Lots of people rely on examples to learn.

Thank you for being a part of our community! (We invite you to check out our forums too!)