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IMPORTANT: If you don't want to set up a server, there is an alternative site here:

Setup Guide

Clone the repo into a place that serves HTTP requests.

git clone /path/to/server/

Install all of the things.

# Debian
apt-get install apache2 mysql-server php5 php5-mysql php5-curl curl eyeD3 atomicparsley imagemagick zip file

Run ./_install/ to see if you missed any installs. It will also create the Config class, create a database, and install the necessary tables for you.

Here are a couple (optional) crontabs to delete older downloads.

# Remove songs that are older than 200 minutes every 5 minutes.
*/5 * * * * find /path/to/songs -type f -mmin +200 -delete

# Remove archives and artwork that are older than 45 minutes every 5 minutes.
*/5 * * * * find /path/to/{archives,artwork} -type f -mmin +45 -delete

Things to be Done

  • fix character issues when downloading
  • fix mixes that don't show all songs
  • songza support
  • refactor code
  • soundcloud support
  • youtube-dl support
  • mark mix as done when done
  • fix unicode character support with tagging
  • make downloaded playlists page
  • fancy slave server selection
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