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Updated April 24, 2014


Create interactions with your mirrored self

Updated February 26, 2014


OpenNI2.x Cinder Block

Updated August 28, 2013


QT Quick 2.0 Implementation of UberCode

Updated August 19, 2013


Easy to use wrapper for GStreamer to play videos and audio for C++

Updated August 13, 2013


Easy-to-use library to quickly set up depth-imaging-enabled multi-user interaction applications. See it here:

Updated June 21, 2013


A visual programming language with the creative mind (this is in development so keep your fingers away)

Updated November 29, 2012


Updated October 18, 2012


Updated September 10, 2012


A simple C++ wrapper for FFmpeg for use in creative coding

Updated May 31, 2012

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