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Firefox Add-on: Bookmarks Organizer (WebExtension)



With the Bookmarks Organizer, it's easy to put order in your bookmarks. The Bookmarks Organizer finds no longer working bookmarks, redirects, duplicates and more!

Bookmarks Organizer is a WebExtension and compatible with Firefox Quantum (Firefox 60 and later).


  • Finds no longer working bookmarks
  • Finds duplicate bookmarks
  • Finds bookmarks without name
  • Broken bookmarks can be edited or deleted
  • Detects redirects and offers the automatic correction of individual or all redirects
  • Whitelist feature to exclude bookmarks from future broken bookmark checks
  • Internal skip list for domains that are known as not validatable for technical reasons


The interface can also be accessed via the keyboard. For this purpose the combination Shift + F11 is reserved. Or you can open the interface via a menu entry in the tools menu.

It is also possible to start individual tests directly via the address bar:

  • bookmarks organizer: opens the interface
  • bookmarks duplicates: search for duplicates
  • bookmarks empty-names: search for bookmarks without name
  • bookmarks errors: search for broken bookmarks
  • bookmarks redirects: search for redirects

Planned features

There are already some features planned for the future.

  • Features for bookmark folders, including empty folders
  • & more…

Please suggest your feature requests in the issues tracker.


The add-on is currently available in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French (Thanks, Primokorn!)
  • Russian (Thanks, perdolka and Smollet777!)
  • Chinese (simplified) (Thanks, yfdyh000!)
  • Chinese (traditional) (Thanks, zhtw2013!)
  • Spanish (Thanks, TarekJor!)
  • Dutch (Thanks, Tonnes!)
  • Polish (Thanks, WaldiPL!)
  • Czech (Thanks, MekliCZ!)
  • Swedish (Thanks, Sopor-!)
  • Ukrainian (Thanks, perdolka and Smollet777!)
  • Upper Sorbian (Thanks, milupo!)
  • Lower Sorbian (Thanks, milupo!)


  • If you edit the URL of a bookmark or if you let Boomarks Organizer fix a redirect Firefox will “loose” the tags associated with the bookmark because bookmark tags are bound to the URL and not to the bookmark. The tags are not really lost, they are still associated with the old URL. This is neither a bug of Bookmarks Organizer nor of Firefox, it's how Firefox works. Please see Bugzilla #1440988 for context.


Bookmarks Organizer needs several permissions to work properly. To give you full transparency this overview also lists “silent“ permissions.

mandatory permissions

Bookmarks Organizer does not work without the following permissions:

access your data for all sites

The add-on checks the bookmarks by sending a request to the appropriate URLs. This cannot work without the permission to access these sites.

read and modify bookmarks

You installed Bookmarks Organizer for checking and modifying broken bookmarks so it should be clear why the permission is needed to read and modify the bookmarks.

access browser tabs

The permission to access the browser tabs is needed so that Bookmarks Organizer can jump to the already opened settings page if the settings page is already opened in another tab and you click the button to open Bookmarks Organizer's settings.

silent permissions

Bookmarks Organizer needs some more permissions, but Firefox does not prompt for the following permissions:


(since 2.0.0)

The menus permission is needed for providing an menu entry in the tools menu to access Bookmarks Organizer's user interface.


The storage permission is needed so that Bookmarks Organizer can store settings and (in the future) bookmark exceptions.


Download Bookmarks Organizer

Release Notes

Release Notes


With the Bookmarks Organizer it's easy to put order in your bookmarks. The Bookmarks Organizer finds no longer working bookmarks, redirects, duplicates and more!





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