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@cadeyrn cadeyrn released this Aug 11, 2017 · 372 commits to master since this release

New Tab Override is a WebExtension and compatible with Firefox 57+ now!

New Tab Override was developed from the ground up as so-called WebExtension. This makes New Tab Override compatible with Firefox 57 and later. Not all options of the previous version are currently available as WebExtension. As soon as Mozilla implements support for missing functionalities in Firefox, they will be integrated in a future update of New Tab Override.

Notice for users of previous versions: you have to re-configure the add-on. After the update the settings page will automatically be opened.

New features:

  • [DESIGN] some design improvements, including a new logo
  • [ENHANCEMENT] new logo is a SVG file instead of a number of different PNG files
  • [ENHANCEMENT] use of new permission system and only request needed permissions
  • [ENHANCEMENT] use of optional permission for feed option. You can revoke the permission at any time
  • [ENHANCEMENT] use of fetch instead of XMLHttpRequest for feed option
  • [ENHANCEMENT] there is now a live validation for custom URLs so that you have a direct feedback during the input
  • [ENHANCEMENT] you can open the settings via keyboard shortcut Shift + F12
  • [ENHANCEMENT] you can open the settings via entering "newtab settings" in the address bar
  • [ENHANCEMENT] there is an upgrade notice for users of the legecy version of New Tab Override. This notice is not visible on fresh installs
  • [CODE QUALITY] improved code quality and added more code documentation, use of ESLint, stylelint, htmllint and JSDoc

Thanks to Ura Design for the new logo!

Missing features:

  • At the moment You can't clear the address bar for new tabs. It will be possible in future versions of Firefox again.
  • At the moment You can't use the home page as new tab page. Please enter manually the URL in the settings of New Tab Override. It will be possible in future versions of Firefox again.
  • You can no longer use about:sync-tabs as new tab page as Mozilla removed this page in Firefox 55. It's not yet decided if showing synced tabs as new tab page will be possible again in the future.
  • You can no longer use local files via file:// protocol as new tab page for security reasons. Please upload your local file to a web server to use it again.
  • The option to use the last URL from clipboard was not re-implemented in New Tab Override 7.0.0.

Minimum required Firefox version is Firefox 55 now.

Download of the signed version 7.0.0

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