An automatic speech recognition environment for Icelandic based on Kaldi
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ice-kaldi tutorial lm updated Oct 12, 2017

Ice-ASR - Open ASR for Icelandic

Open ASR for Icelandic is being developed at the Reykjavik University in Iceland. This repository contains the core ASR project, scripts and a tutorial for the training of a system based on the Kaldi toolkit, as well as a text normalizing module and an error analysis module

Ice-Kaldi - ASR for Icelandic using Kaldi

Scripts and recipes for the training of an ASR system using the Kaldi toolkit (, Documentation and a tutorial on how to use the resources, either with ready-to-use models or by training customized models.

Text normalizing

Basic text normalizing scripts for Icelandic to prepare texts for language model training for ASR.

Error analysis

This module contains various scripts to analyse the decoding and scoring outputs from Kaldi.


The resources are being developed at the Language and Voice Lab at the Reykjavik University (,

Contact: Anna Björk Nikulásdóttir,

License and Copyright

The Ice-Kaldi project is released under the Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE