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Download the latest release.

Which version to take?

  • Use the setup-ArkSmartBreeding-(version).exe for an installation in the system's programs folder. Suitable for single user installations.
  • Extract the ARK.Smart.Breeding_(version).zip in an arbitrary folder to use it as a portable or shared installation.


ARK Smart Breeding

For the game ARK Survival Evolved. Extracts possible levelups of creatures to get the values for breeding. Save your creatures in a library, sort and compare their stats, view their pedigree, use the breeding-plan to get the best possible creatures and keep track of the growing babies with timers.


See the wiki on more info, e.g. Manual with links to external resources like guides and videos, or Extraction issues if something does not work.

Known issues

Ark Bugs

Wrong Stat Values

The following species may show wrong stat-values ingame that prevents a correct extraction. Mostly the stat health is affected, sometimes weight, stamina or food. Currently there's no known workaround for this bug in ARK.

  • Desert Titan
    • Health (base value 250000 -> 200000)
  • Desert Titan Flock
    • Health (base value 4000 -> 7500)
  • Electrophorus and its abberant variant
    • Health (base value 180 -> 260)
  • Gacha
    • Weight (increase per level 0.04 -> 0.02)
  • Ice Titan
    • Health (base value 350000 -> 230000)
  • Pegomastax
    • Health (base value 120 -> 200)
  • Procoptodon
    • Health (taming addition 0.75 -> 0.5)
    • Stamina (taming addition 0.1 -> 0)
  • Pulmonoscorpius and its abberant variant
    • Health (base value 280 -> 300)
  • Titanoboa and its abberant variant
    • Health (base value 170 -> 300)
  • Troodon
    • Food (base value 200 -> 100)

Imprinting Bug

  • Creatures sometimes forget to increase their values properly after imprinting
  • Force creature to recalculate stats by:
    • Upload/Download from Tek Transmitter, Supply Drop, or Obelisk
    • Use a Cryopod
    • Leave render range for a couple of minutes and return

ASB Issues

Capture Ark Window (OCR)

  • Rather inaccurate
  • Limited details about creatures
  • Limited supported resolutions
  • Use Creature Import instead






Breeding Plan

Breeding Plan



H-pedigree for inheritance tracking


Taming Infos

Taming Infos

Raising List

Raising List


Download the latest release here.


For a full list see Releases.