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  • included ark-tools importer directly, so no extra application is needed anymore (thanks Flachdachs!)
  • added installer (thanks Flachdachs!)
  • added handling of ARK processes having multiple equal names, e.g. ShadowBox users (done by Clutch152, thanks!) (#794).
  • added color-regions for aberrant paracer (#790).


  • asb-updater starts instead of message if download-page should be visited (thanks coldino!)
  • modified species-order (from sortNames.txt): now uses regular expressions and @ as a separator. modified species-order now is applied to the species list in the library (#800). Example ^Aberrant (.*)$@$1a sorts all aberrant variants directly after their vanilla-entry.
  • species-selection in the breeding-planner affects the global species-selector (#771).


  • fixed tamed/bred-state in name-generator (#785).
  • fixed initial breeding-mode to the one selected (#772).

If you use the Classic Flyers-mod to change the stats of the flyers on your unofficial server back to the pre-nerf-state, you can use the file classicalFlyers.json located in the json-folder (included in the release) and load it via File -> Load additional values... to adjust the stat-values. There is also a file to use with the gaia-mod, made by Inkraja (thanks for that!).

Note: The image-files have to be downloaded separately: Creature-Images. Extract the folder "img" to the same folder where the executable is located to get better visuals of the creature's colors. Currently 26 creatures are included. You don't need to redownload this file if you already have the creature-images.

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