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Cad's Addenda
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General description

Cad's Addenda... by Cyril Adrian (aka Cad)

libCad provides common services and functions for the utilities I maintain (see e.g. YacJP and Circus)

Why yet another library

This library started with YacJP. Some parts are reusable though, so I split them in a separate library.

Other parts I designed from scratch, based on ideas in other projects I work with.

The libCad philosophy

C does not mean “not object”. Actually the whole Cad library is built using object-oriented techniques: one may find encapsulation, polymorphism, and even some design patterns (composites, factories, visitors).

Project building

libCad is a foundation library for other libraries to build upon. As such, not only does it provide common code structures and functions, but libCad also provides a build framework ( and Makefile) that should be able to build well-formed Debian packages (the library package, a development package, and a documentation package).

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