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Add url friendly to profile. (/u/username/)

  • add username to profile form
  • if user has not username, apply the old url.

may be its a good idea to check e-mail too.
so we need a second email field may called "email_confirmation"


I dont think its a good idea to change the username. At least not this way, because it changes the way user get logged in.
If we keep the changes you propose, the 570 users already registered, has to use their "e-mail" in a field called "username" in login form, and it can be annoying.
I agree my solution ( just change the username field's label and form field) is not the best way to log users in, using their e-mail address, but it was the fastest.
To have a nice url to a user profile page, I suggest 3 ways, both are a workaorund.
1 - make an user e-mail address substring ex. -> substring = "caduado" )
2 - urlfy the firstname field from auth.model.user, for those who fill the profile form, and give a second url option to their profile.
3 - (faster and in mho beautiful) just add a profile field "urlfied_profile_name", or something like that, and use it when filled.

all option, needs extra code to control duplication 8(
any other suggestions are welcome

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