Standard PHP Development Kit for Cadulis
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This SDK aims to help you dealing with Cadulis APIs


It's recommended that you use Composer to install InterventionSDK.

composer require cadulis/sdk "~1.0"

This will install SDK and all required dependencies.

so each of your php scripts need to require composer autoload file


require 'vendor/autoload.php';


Available services are

  • Intervention (search, create, update, read)
  • InterventionType (getAvailable)
  • ScheduleWizard (getSlots)

API init

Initialize api with your access url

$autoconfigUrl = '';
$cadulisAPI = \Cadulis\Sdk\InterventionApi::init($autoconfigUrl);

Intervention service

You can access services directly from the api $cadulisAPI->services

$cadulisSdkService = $cadulisAPI->services->newServiceIntervention();

Search interventions

Retrieve the SearchInput object to set all-what-you-need input parameters

$searchInput = $cadulisSdkService->newSearchInput();
$searchInput->status = \Cadulis\Sdk\Model\Intervention::STATUS_PENDING;

Use the search method on the interventionService to get your interventions

$result = $interventionService->search($searchInput);

Returned result is instance of \Cadulis\Sdk\Model\Response\Interventions

echo $results->pagination->returned . " results returned\n";
foreach ($results->interventions as $intervention) {
    echo "Intervention cref : " . $intervention->cref . "\n";

All in one to search interventions :

// initialize api
$autoconfigUrl = '';
$cadulisAPI = \Cadulis\Sdk\InterventionApi::init($autoconfigUrl);
// get service
$cadulisSdkService = $cadulisAPI->services->newServiceIntervention();
// get input
$searchInput = $cadulisSdkService->newSearchInput();
$searchInput->status = \Cadulis\Sdk\Model\Intervention::STATUS_PENDING;
// call method
$result = $cadulisSdkService->search($searchInput);
// process results
echo $results->pagination->returned . " results returned\n";
foreach ($results->interventions as $intervention) {
    echo "Intervention cref : " . $intervention->cref . "\n";

Read/Create/Update intervention

Instanciate new intervention model

$intervention = $cadulisAPI->models->newModelIntervention();

cref field is required (to set or retrieve unique intervention informations), this is YOUR intervention unique identifier

$intervention->cref = 'myCustomInterventionReference';

Read intervention data

$result = $interventionService->read($intervention);

Intervention is find by cref

Create or update intervention

If needed you can instanciate new customer model. customer type/reference fields are required as unique identifier

$intervention->customer = $cadulisAPI->models->newModelCustomer();
$intervention->customer->type = \Cadulis\Sdk\Model\Customer::CUSTOMER_TYPE_COMPANY;
$intervention->customer->reference = 'customerReference';

Create :

$result = $interventionService->create($intervention);

If intervention with cref already exists, it is updated

Update :

$result = $interventionService->update($intervention);

Intervention is find by cref

Intervention and customer fields are available from corresponding classes. They are :

$intervention->cref // unique identifier
$intervention->duration // seconds
$intervention->scheduled_start_at // ISO 8601 format, can be set by $intervention->setScheduledStart($date)
$intervention->custom_fields // associative array of $key => $value additional fields


InterventionType service

you can retrieve your available intervention types. If you have multiple ones, creating intervention will required which one you want.

$interventionTypeService = $cadulisAPI->services->newServiceInterventionType();
$result = $interventionTypeService->getAvailable();

Schedule wizard service

To get available assignment slots, use ScheduleWizard !!!

Retrieve the ScheduleWizardInput object to set all-what-you-need input parameters

$scheduleWizardService = $cadulisAPI->services->newServiceScheduleWizard();
$scheduleWizardInput = $scheduleWizardService->newWizardInput();
$scheduleWizardInput->address = '7 rue de la Dordogne Toulouse';

Use the getSlots method on the scheduleWizardService to get available slots

$result = $scheduleWizardService->getSlots($scheduleWizardInput);

Returned result is instance of \Cadulis\Sdk\Model\Response\ScheduleWizard\ScheduleWizard

echo count($result) . ' dates returned' . "\n";
echo 'best slot : ';
$bestSlot = $result->getBestSlot();
if ($bestSlot === null) {
    echo "No slot available";
} else {
    echo "Best slot : " . $bestSlot->date;

Schedule Wizard get options are :

$scheduleWizardInput->date_min // ISO 8601 format, can be set by $intervention->setDateMin($date)
$scheduleWizardInput->date_max // ISO 8601 format, can be set by $intervention->setDateMax($date)


You can use a logger object within this sdk. It has just to implement \Bixev\LightLogger\LoggerInterface

class MyLogger implements \Bixev\LightLogger\LoggerInterface
    public function log($log)

Then pass it to your api initialization :

$logger = new MyLogger;
$cadulisAPI = \Cadulis\Sdk\InterventionApi::init($autoconfigUrl, $logger);

Override routes

You're able to force routes the sdk use to connect to the api (no use of autoconfig, or override)

Routes are on client level :

$client = $cadulisAPI->getClient();
$routes = $client->getRoutes();

So you can simply set your own set of routes. A route must extend \Cadulis\Sdk\Model\Routes\Route

$route = new \Cadulis\Sdk\Model\Routes\Route;
$route->identifier = \Cadulis\Sdk\Model\Routes\Route::IDENTIFIER_INTERVENTION_LIST;
$route->method = \Cadulis\Sdk\Client\Curl::METHOD_GET;
$route->url = 'http://mycutomdomain/mycutomroute';
$routes[] = $route;