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The remo²hbo Project - an Introduction

Mobile hospitals facilitate health care in remote regions with little or no infrastructure. The medical instruments in mobile hospitals must be especially robust and maintainable. The remo²hbo (repairable patient monitoring in mobile hospital boxes) project approach for mobile hospitals in these regions is to develop innovative and open-source solutions for a robust, affordable and repairable patient monitoring in a mobile hospital. This will allow us to implement important diagnostic and therapy monitoring procedures flexibly and on a long-term basis even in regions of crisis and conflict.

This wiki aims to provide background information on the technical requirements for realizing a robust and maintainable patient monitoring system. Each aspect of the patient monitoring system has a chapter or subchapter that contains information on these requirements.

Furthermore, the wiki provides a space for community members to collect and share their ideas on solutions with regard to these requirements.

The project board with all open issues of existing solutions for hardware and software components is available here. The project board is interlinked with existing repositories containing code and CAD-files for software and hardware components.

General non-functional Requirements


The units must be stand-alone and functioning autonomously during transport (must-have). The units must be shock resistant during transport and use in the field.

Maintainability and repairability

  • The user manual must be available online
  • The repair manual must be available online
  • All components are open source (hardware and software)
  • Parts must be as interchangable as possible (versus durability)

Table of Contents

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