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caeliin committed Nov 13, 2017
1 parent ab2d33c commit 18ade52717bab7aecf706088bfcab3a1edf1f538
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@@ -71,3 +71,19 @@ Anna - draw_control (input clock, resetn, input erase_1_x, erase_1_y, draw_1_x,
- draw line 0
- erase line 1
- draw line 1
Week 2
Danny - modify the line register to remove the block (input correct)
Anna - clear the block from the screen on correct button (input correct, output done)
Anna - register to detect correct button press (input clock, reset, line register, edge, keys, output correct, incorrect)
Anna -add fail state (input incorrect)
Anna -draw fail state (input incorrect, done)
Anna -pause fail state
Anna -modify the master control to check ^ and reset it,
Danny - score register (clock, resetn, increment (correct), output number)
Danny - hex decimal number output (show ^ in decimal) (input number, output to hex)

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