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+The S-Space Package is a collection of algorithms for building Semantic Spaces
+as well as a highly-scalable library for designing new distributional semantics
+algorithms. Distributional algorithms process text corpora and represent the
+semantic for words as high dimensional feature vectors. These approaches are
+known by many names, such as word spaces, semantic spaces, or distributed
+semantics and rest upon the Distributional Hypothesis: words that appear in
+similar contexts have similar meanings.
+The research and development is being done by the Natural Language Processing
+group at UCLA led by David Jurgens and Keith Stevens, under the advisory of Dr.
+Michael Dyer.
+See the Getting Started page
+( for a quick
+introduction on how to use the S-Space package, see the Package Overview
+( information
+on the code and available features, or dive right into the Javadoc
+( to see
+what's available now.
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