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MIT-LICENSE license and so on Oct 22, 2009



This project is a small example (and base for vraptor 3 - restful support) for hand-testing restful services.
We use the word "restful" in the meaning that a it provides resources working with hypercontent.


Access and try to post an order to:
a) entry point:
b) method: POST
c) name: content
d) content: any order content (it will not be validated)

PAY ATTENTION: you might need to run it twice when you first run it. google app engine has a slow startup time that might run a timeout prior to succeeding.

After posting the order, you will receive a 201 response with your order location.

You can then view (GET) this order to see its representation. By parsing the representation, one can discover
what you can do with your order:

- pay (request a payment POST)
- cancel (request an order DELETE)
- update (request an order UPDATE)
- view (request an order GET)

Anytime you can check your order status by getting it. After payment your status will change to PREPARING
and after one minute it will be DONE.
If you cancel your order, it will be CANCELED.


So far Adriano Almeida and Guilherme Silveira are working on this project.
Lucas Cavalcanti also contributed with what will probably become vraptor's hypermedia based resources small library.

Copyright (c) 2009 Caelum, released under the MIT license