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helping you synchronizing all your repositories

scmall helps you by syncing all your repositories at once. simply invoke scmall in a base directory
and all your repositories will be synchronized.

installing and running

Just clone it:

git clone git://

And add to your path by updating your profile file:


And now you can run it:


It will locate your git repositories, change to their master branch and pull, coming back to your branch (but not rebasing yet).

current support

scmall currently supports:

1. git


You can add scmall to your cron file so it runs, i.e. everyday at 8 am.


You can help us by giving svn, cvs etc support by updating the scrips, or adding stash support to the git repository.


Guilherme Silveira
Rafael Ferreira

Why? Why?

We at caelum have a lot of git/svn projects going on at the same time so its a good thing to add scmall
to our cron jobs and be sure that its working fine.

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