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[chapter Tubaina Overview]
[quote "Constraints are good"]
Tubaina was built to generate textbooks at Caelum ( ).
It basically takes text written in **afc syntax** (take a look at the syntax chapter) and outputs LaTeX and/or
As you will notice, Tubaina is not as powerfull as LaTeX or many other text generators but that's a good
point. When you have thousand options to choose from, you will probably spend too much time choosing which
color your text should be or any other format you believe is important (and will put aside ::content
generation::). That's not quite good and will not improve productivity.
Tubaina let all these decisions to be made inside the templates it use. This way, if you want to change how
all your text looks, you just change which template you use to generate.
You see? Constraints **are** good!
We hope Tubaina can help you when creating content or formatting old one.
Tubaina Development Team