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@@ -7,21 +7,27 @@ How to contribute
- Create a repository for your plugin: e.g
- Implement your VRaptor plugin, recipe or tip
- write some docs (english or portuguese)
-- Fork and clone this repo
+- Fork and clone this repo:
- git clone
- cd vraptor-contrib
+git clone
+cd vraptor-contrib
- create a branch based on the main repo:
- git remote add main git:// #if not done
- git checkout -b your_plugin main/master
+git remote add main git:// #if not done
+git checkout -b your_plugin main/master
- add your submodule
- git submodule add
- git commit -am "adding my super cool plugin =)"
- git push origin your_plugin
+git submodule add
+git commit -am "adding my super cool plugin =)"
+git push origin your_plugin
- send us a pull request for this your\_plugin branch

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