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A dashboard with several tools for your vraptor project.


It's possible to download its jar from maven's repository (see mvnrepository.com) or any other compatible tool such as maven (gradle, ivy and so on):



Add the entity to your hibernate.cfg.xml:


Create a component that implements StatementAwareUser:

public class StatementCheck implements StatementAwareUser, IdeableUser {

	private final User user;
	public StatementCheck(User user) {
		this.user = user;

	public Serializable getId() {
		return user.getId();

	public boolean canCreateStatements() {
		return true; // this is the admin user who is capable of seeing all statements and creating new ones. this is "GOD"


Go to /dash/statements Do queries as:

select count(id), uri from DashUriStat group by uri
select count(id), userId from DashUriStat group by userId

Auditing access to specific methods

If you want to log who access some methods, register:


And annotate your method with the parameters to be logged:

public void edit(Client client) {

Remember that you need the logged in user to implement the interface IdeableUser

Optimizing cache strategies

Add the following filter to your web.xml and remember to configure DashUriStat:



Now the Stat object has the fields size, etag. If hasEtag = false, the etag is automatically generated (but not returned to the client). So now its possible to check how much kbytes and seconds one could save from using cache in not-yet-cached pages:

select uri, verb, etag, size*(count(uri)-1)/1024, time*(count(uri)-1)/1000 from DashUriStat where hasEtag=false and (cache is null or cache=="") group by uri, verb, etag

Per method, which shows how important it is to improve one method:

select resource, method, (sum(size)-   (select sum(avg(d.size)) from DashUriStat as d where d.resource=resource and d.method=method group by etag, sum(avg(d.size)))      )/1024 as ssss,(sum(time)-avg(time))/1000 as tttt from DashUriStat where cache = '' and hadEtag = 'false' and verb='GET' group by resource, method order by resource, method

Analyze where you can gain the most and optimize it.


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