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Configuring Travis

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## vraptor-dash
+![Build status](
A dashboard with several tools for your vraptor project.
@@ -20,21 +21,21 @@ Add the entity to your hibernate.cfg.xml:
Create a component that implements StatementAwareUser:
public class StatementCheck implements StatementAwareUser, IdeableUser {
private final User user;
public StatementCheck(User user) {
this.user = user;
public Serializable getId() {
return user.getId();
public boolean canCreateStatements() {
return true; // this is the admin user who is capable of seeing all statements and creating new ones. this is "GOD"
@@ -60,7 +61,7 @@ And annotate your method with the parameters to be logged:
public void edit(Client client) {
Remember that you need the logged in user to implement the interface IdeableUser
# Optimizing cache strategies
@@ -77,7 +78,7 @@ Add the following filter to your web.xml and remember to configure DashUriStat:
-Now the Stat object has the fields *size*, *etag*.
+Now the Stat object has the fields *size*, *etag*.
If hasEtag = false, the etag is automatically generated (but not returned to the client). So now its possible to check how much kbytes and seconds one could save from using cache in not-yet-cached pages:
select uri, verb, etag, size*(count(uri)-1)/1024, time*(count(uri)-1)/1000 from DashUriStat where hasEtag=false and (cache is null or cache=="") group by uri, verb, etag
@@ -85,9 +86,9 @@ If hasEtag = false, the etag is automatically generated (but not returned to the
Per method, which shows how important it is to improve one method:
select resource, method, (sum(size)- (select sum(avg(d.size)) from DashUriStat as d where d.resource=resource and d.method=method group by etag, sum(avg(d.size))) )/1024 as ssss,(sum(time)-avg(time))/1000 as tttt from DashUriStat where cache = '' and hadEtag = 'false' and verb='GET' group by resource, method order by resource, method
Analyze where you can gain the most and optimize it.
# Help
-Get help at VRaptor's mailing list
+Get help at VRaptor's mailing list

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