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🚀 Strap some rockets to go-caelum


Depending on your security level in your shell, the root password can be asked during the installation script to execute sudo commands during installation.

git clone

If you don't have Golang and/or go-caelum installed yet, run our installation script: cd Apollo bash Follow the prompts and accept/enter when asked. Once finished you might be asked to close/restart the terminal. On a successfull install you should have go-caelum as a directory alongside Apollo.

Optional: create a directory to store the masternode/chain data: mkdir YOUR_DATADIR


From within the Apollo directory, run bash start.

The start command will execute the configuration helper. Please follow the steps displayed on the console to setup Apollo once.


Run the apollo scipt by executing bash along with one of the following parameters:

  • start Launches the masternode
  • stop Stops the caelum masternodes
  • import Allows a user to import a private key
  • force-close Force close all running caelum instances
  • update Update the Apollo files to their latest version
  • log Shows the daemon output. Ctrl+c to exit.
  • clean Remove the entire datadir

Hint! You can run all these actions in one go by running bash start. This executes all needed steps in a single command.

Enter any key in your console to let the masternode run in the background.

Check if you are displayed on our stats page

Send our developers a DM to receive some testnet tokens in order to activate and setup your masternode.

Subscribe to the Telegram channel for updates/instructions as masternode owner

Setting up a masternode with no initial masternode address

bash start for the first time.

It will ask you if you want to create a new coinbase account, or import an existing one.

The password will be saved in /Apollo/.pwd and the address will be saved in /Apollo/testnet.env.

Complete the setup helper. This will then start the node and begin syncing.

Setting up a masternode with an existing masternode address (importing)

Run bash import and follow the steps.

Connecting to our testnet with MetaMask

You will need to go to

There you must click the loginbutton. If you use metamask, you need to connect to a custom network first

Chain ID: 159

Run latest dev branch

cd && git clone && cd go-caelum-dev && git checkout rebrand && make caelum && sudo rm  /usr/local/bin/caelum && sudo cp build/bin/caelum /usr/local/bin

To return to the stable version:

cd && cd go-caelum && git checkout master && make caelum && sudo rm  /usr/local/bin/caelum && sudo cp build/bin/caelum /usr/local/bin

Common issues

Note: You might need sudo permissions to run any commands below.

On first install: chmod: changing permissions of FILE/DIR denied: rerun chmod -R 755 Apollo with sudo permissions.

permission denied when running .sh files: First execute chmod +x FILE_NAME to grant permissions

When updating via git pull: error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge: Stash the local changes made by the chmod action by executing git stash first.

Upgrading go-caelum

Whenever new updates are available, please run bash

Upgrade Apollo

cd && rm -rf Apollo && git clone && chmod -R 755 Apollo/ && cd Apollo

This will remove the repository and reinstall it completely.

Known bugs

After creating the initial account, chances are likely that your node will start without unlocking the account first. Until this is fixed, we recommend you, after first run, to stop the node and restart it. Check the logs to confirm it's running!.

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