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include 'private.php'; // passwords and DB info for the DB on
if (file_exists('../local.txt')) {
$db_conn = "mysql:host=localhost;dbname=caerpho_minipets;unix_socket=/tmp/mysql.sock";
$username = "";
$pw = "";
ini_set('display_errors', '1');
$db_cols = array(
'short_name', // text (derived from long_name)
'long_name', // text
'type', // integer (see $types below)
'rarity', // integer (see $rarities below)
'img_src', // text (URL)
'x', // integer (if actual coord is 52.4, store 524)
'ob_via', // integer (see $sources below)
'loc', // text (e.g. "Scarlet Monastery Graveyard")
'info', // text; misc additional info, including flavour text.
'tradeable', // integer(1); whether the pet can be sold at the AH or not.
'can_battle' // integer(1); whether the pet can battle or not
$types = array(
$sources = array(
"Pet Battle",
"World Event",
"Trading Card Game",
"Blizzard Pet Store"
$rarities = array(