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Loggerbot version 3, the one powering nearly 30,000 Discord servers.
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Logger is a powerful Discord bot meant to give staff members oversight over the various actions taking place in their server. Come talk about me with my creator at Logger's Lounge.


A detailed guide has yet to be made. You will need:

  • PostgreSQL 11
  • Redis
  • NodeJS
  1. Setup Postgres and add a superuser (default user works)
  2. Clone bot repo and enter the created folder
  3. Copy .env.example into .env
  4. Fill out all fields in it (even Sentry unless you hotpatch it out)
  5. npm install
  6. node src/miscellaneous/generateDB.js
  7. node index.js


node index.js


Pull requests are welcome as long as it follows the following guidelines:

  1. Is your idea really one that a large group of moderators would like?
  2. Is your idea scalable?
  3. Will your idea cause the bot to hit it's global ratelimit?
  4. Have you proposed it to James Bond#0007 in my support server?

If you have done all of the above steps, then open a pull request and I will review it. Style guide and testing will be implemented in a later update.


GPL 3.0

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