Super simple virtualized list React component
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Super simple virtualized list React component

Check out the demo here

This React component allows you to display a large list of fixed-height items in your document, while only rendering the items visible in the viewport. This allows a large list to be rendered with much fewer DOM elements.


You can use NPM to install react-virtual-list:

$ npm install react-virtual-list --save


The ./dist/VirtualList.js module exports a single React component.

var VirtualList = require('react-virtual-list');


<VirtualList items={this.props.items} renderItem={this.renderItem} itemHeight={this.props.itemHeight} />


  • items the full array of list items. Only the visible subset of these will be rendered.
  • renderItem a function to render a single item, passed as argument item. Must return a single React element (React.createElement(...))
  • itemHeight the height in pixels of a single item. You must have a CSS rule that sets the height of each list item to this value.
  • container the scrollable element that contains the list. Defaults to window. Use this if you have a list inside an element with overflow: scroll.
  • tagName the tagName for the root element that surrounds the items rendered by renderItem. Defaults to div. Use this if you want to render a list with ul and li, or any other elements.
  • scrollDelay the delay in milliseconds after scroll to recalculate. Defaults to 0. Can be used to throttle recalculation.
  • itemBuffer the number of items that should be rendered before and after the visible viewport. Defaults to 0.

Any other properties set on VirtualList, such as className, will be reflected on the component's root element.


  • visibleItems the currently visible array of items. Can be used to figure out which items are in the viewport. Eg: var items = this.refs.list.visibleItems()

Example Usage

Check out for the example used in the demo.


Use npm test to run the tests using jasmine-node. Currently only the math calculations are tested. Hoping to add some DOM tests as well.

To Do