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Tommy: Web Assets converter and optimizer

Tommy will process and optimize all your static assets ready for the web, no matter what the file extension happens to be; and, to avoid wasting time, it will also save processed items so that unmodified assets will not be processed further.

Tommy also gives you the option of syncing all your processed assets to a S3 bucket.

Pass runtime options

  • --src specify the source directory (where your assets are located)
  • --dst specify the destination directory (where your assets will be generated)
  • --force regenerate all assets ignoring cache
  • --config specify a JSON file containing an extension to the configuration


If you pass to Tommy an additional JSON file, it will be merged with initial config.

tommy --config config.json


  "version": "v1",
  "processor": {
    "resize": true,
    "poster": false
  "resize": {
    "dimensions": [300, 600, 1200]
  "ignore": [".dockerignore"]

First-level keys

Key Type Applicable to Description Default
version string - Version of the configuration v1
ignore string[] - Pattern to ignore see config.json
remoteSync bool - On/Off sync to remote bucket false
s3Bucket bool - S3 Bucket name null
processor.resize bool jpg/png images On/Off generation of various resized images true
processor.image bool jpg/png images On/Off imagemagick processor true
processor.poster bool videos On/Off generation of poster image true
processor.jpg bool jpg images On/Off jpegoptim optimizer true
processor.png bool png images On/Off pngquant optimizer true
processor.gif bool gif images On/Off gifsicle optimizer true
processor.svg bool svg images On/Off svgo optimizer true
processor.lazyLoadBlurried bool jpg/png images On/Off generation of a blurry image true
processor.videoThumbs bool videos On/Off generation of thumbnails extracted from video true
converter.mp4 bool videos On/Off conversion to MP4 true
converter.webm bool videos On/Off conversion to WEBM true
converter.webp bool jpg/png images On/Off conversion to WEBP true


Key Type Description Default
resize.dimensions number[] Dimensions of resized images in PX (longest side) [200,400,800,1200]
resize.quality number Quality of images 80


Key Type Description Default
image.quality number Quality of image 80


Key Type Description Default
videoThumbs.fps string Specify FPS of shoots (1/60 = every 1 minute) 1/30


Key Type Description Default
lazyLoadBlurried.size number Length of longest side 10

How to: run with Docker

I suggest you to use with Docker to avoid installing all dependencies in your host.

docker run \
-v "$(pwd)/volumes/src":/src \
-v "$(pwd)/volumes/dst":/dst \
-v "$(pwd)/config.json:/root/config.json" \
kopiro/tommy \
--src /src \
--dst /dst \
--config /root/config.json

Explanation of mounts:

  • -v "$(pwd)/volumes/src":/src mount the source directory (where your assets are located) into container /src
  • -v "$(pwd)/volumes/dst":/dst mount the destination directory (where your assets will be generated) into container /dst
  • -v "$(pwd)/config.json:/root/config.json" mount your (optional) configuration JSON file into container /root/config.json

How to: run in MacOS

Upfront, install dependencies by running, then install with NPM:

npm -g i tommy

Then run as a binary:

tommy --src ./volumes/src --dst ./volumes/dst

How: build locally Docker image

Download the repository, then run ./

It will build the Docker image locally and test with volumes present in current repository.

Configure AWS credentials

To use the remote sync feature, you need to configure the binary aws to locale credentials.

When using with docker, you can just share your .awscredentials file through a volume in the path /root/.aws/credentials.

Otherwise, you can configure your aws via aws configure.

Example file:


To mount:

docker run
-v "$(pwd)/.awscredentials":"/root/.aws/credentials"




Web Assets converter and optimizer



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