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import &ArtSuite
2019-01-17 SBD - There definitly is a memory-leak of sorts.
Compiling every file in cafInCaf seems to trigger the memory leak.
We seem to leak a fixed amount per unique file. If you re-compile that file,
even from scratch, it doesn't crease the leak.
Therefor, this run stabalizes after every file has been compiled once.
However, it maxes out at about 900 megs where compiling just one of these files
over and over only consumes 150 megs.
Clearly compiling even more files would result in even more memory leakage.
i = 0
CafMc = require :caffeine-mc
CaffeineScript = require :./
&globPromise "cafInCaf/**/*.caf"
.then (files) ->
log "#{files.length} files"
while true
each sourceFile in files
log "CaffeineScript #{i}: #{sourceFile}"
(&fsExtra.readFileSync sourceFile).toString()
sourceRoot: "/Users/shanebdavis/imikimi/npm/caffeine-script"
cache: false
prettier: false
inlineMap: false