Get Started

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npm install caffeine-script


Command Line & Interactive Shell (REPL - Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop)

Once you install, you can compile and execute .caf files. The command-line arguments for caf are patterned after CoffeeScript's coffee, so they should feel familiar.

# list all options
> caf --help

# start interactive shell
> caf

# run myFile.caf
> caf myFile


In order to use CaffeineScript files directly in node, first:


And then you can require any .caf file just like you would any .js file. Note that .js files with the same base-name have priority when in the same directory.

Web Browsers with Webpack

Learn more about setting up CaffeineScript for browser-development with webpack here.

Syntax Highlighting

  • github: The closest option is CoffeeScript. It's OK, but it misses a lot. Github does not allow 3rd party syntax highlighting. We need your help! Please contribute to this conversation or this one.
  • sublimetext 3: 99% complete highlighting is included in the caffeing-script npm, but not yet bundled for SublimeText. You can get the files here. On mac, copy them into ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 3/Packages/User/.
  • textmate: Nothing yet. How hard is it to translate the SublimeText file?

Note, syntax highlighters aren't used to this new everything-is-block-based approach. As such, I haven't figured out how to get all legal CaffeineScript string and regexp blocks to highlight correctly.

Examples of legal string blocks that may not get syntax highlighted:

# probably doesn't get highlighted correctly
hi ""
  this is in a comment

# does get highlighted correctly
    this is in a comment
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