Why CaffeineScript over CoffeeScript?

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Below is the short list of why you should use CaffeineScript over CoffeeScript. For a more in-depth discussion: Coming from CoffeeScript.

CoffeeScript has the right ideas: everything should return a value, minimize syntax while improving readability, fix JavaScript's bad semantics. It just didn't go far enough. There is a lot of inconsistency in CoffeeScript, where those ideals have only been partially achieved.

  1. CaffeineScript is founded on the idea that it is possible to do Indent-Block parsing consistently and universally throughout the language. Complete Indent-Block Parsing enables:
  2. Streamlined Modules reduce module-related code by over 90%. It completely changes how modules are used, unleashing their true potential for code organization and refactorability.
  3. Improved Readability - You be the judge, but I think CaffeineScript is considerably more readable than even CoffeeScript - which is way better than JavaScript. Approximately 10% less tokens than CoffeeScript overall. Consistent use of blocks instead of brackets, more string literals and optional commas
  4. Improved Refactorability - increased use of blocks, decreased syntax and refactor/edit-friendly constructs such as smart import, smart require and smart this-binding.
  5. Improved Literals
  6. Improved Comprehensions and Iteration
    • object returns an object instead of an array
      • Example: array value from [1,2,3] with value * 2 # returns array: [2,4,6]
      • Example: object value from a:1 b:2 c:3 with value * 2 # returns object: a:2 b:4 c:6
    • find returns the first match instead of all matches
      • Example: find user from users when user.id < 10
    • each returns the from-object/array like Ruby language's .each
    • The from value can be an array OR an object, will be detected dynamically and iterated over correctly. No more subtle in/of differences.
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