A feature-rich Secret Santa application built for ease of use.
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Secret Santa

####A horribly messy, yet fully functional Secret Santa application.

Gratipay License

You can see the logged-out front-end of a live instance of it on Symph.rocks

###Disclaimer This code was written over the course of a week after starting from scratch many-a-time. It may contain bugs, errors, vulnerabilities, or performance-sapping issues that generally suck. Many parts of this code were written between the hours of midnight and six AM.


  • Node.js. Tested on >=0.10.34
  • npm. Tested on >=1.4.28
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Express will likely be needed to compile all dependencies on Windows.
  • A MongoDB database


  1. Run git clone https://github.com/caffeinewriter/secret-santa.
  2. Fill out config.js with all information. See config.sample.js for a template.
  3. It is highly recommended that you customize the index.jade, faq.jade and donate.jade files. However, if you leave donate.jade unchanged, you'll be supporting ongoing development.
  4. Run npm install
  5. Run it with npm start. The port it binds to can be set by these methods, in this order of precedence:
  • PORT environment variable. E.g. PORT=3000 npm start
  • config.js app.port attribute.
  • If neither of those are present, the application will default to port 3333.


  • Securely hashed passwords using bcrypt.
  • Integrated messaging system.
  • Guaranteed collision-free pairing algorithm.
  • Responsive design and mobile compatibility.
  • Session persistence across restarts.
  • Robust core feature set.
  • Simple.
  • Secure.


The config.js file contains all necessary information for the site, and is required to run it. It is structured like this:

  db: { // The connection info for the MongoDB database
    user: '', // MongoDB Username
    pass: '', // MongoDB Password
    host: '', // The MongoDB Hostname
    port: '', // The MongoDB Port
    name: '', // The MongoDB Database Name
  admin: {
    user: 'username', // The username used in the HTTP Auth for the backend.
    password: 'password' // The password to log into the backend
  cookie: {
    secret: 'cookie secret' // The cookie secret used for securely signing the cookies.
  session: {
    secret: 'session secret' // The secret used for signing sessions.
  mongoStore: {
    salt: 'hash salt', // The salt used to hash session IDs.
  app: {
    port: 80 // The port the application will bind to. Overridden by a PORT environment variable.
  recaptcha: {
    site: '', // ReCAPTCHA Site Key
    secret: '' // ReCAPTCHA Secret Key
  signups: {
    disabled: false // Set to true to disable signups from invited members. (Should remain true while people are joining.)

##Frontend URLs These are the URLs exposed to end-users.

###/signup/:inviteCode Allows users to signup for the Secret Santa, provided that they have an invite code, generated on the backend.

###/login Login page. Integrated ReCAPTCHA to prevent brute forcing.

###/dashboard A simple dashboard for users. Easily customizable in dashboard.jade.

###/inbox View all messages. Easy as that.

###/read/:messageId Read a specific message with ID messageId.

###/view/recipient The profile who the logged in user is gifting to.

###/received A page that will allow users to mark if they have received their gift.

###/faq A simple FAQ page. Currently monopolized by my FAQs.

###/donate A donation page, to allow users to donate to keep the server up. You may swap the info out for your own.

###/edit Allows users to edit their own profile and change their password.

##Admin URLs All admin URLs are secured with HTTP Basic authentication. The username and password combination are specified in the config.js file.

###/admin/import This page will allow you to import users in a newline ("\n") delimited list via the textarea. The input at the bottom is for an alternative delimiter, should the list be delimited with something other than spaces.

###/admin/list List all unclaimed invites, and their associated UIDs.

###/admin/message Send a message to a specified user. Currently, it cannot be replied to, but is simply a targeted notice.

###/admin/messageall Send a message to all currently signed-up users.

###/admin/setpass/:uid Allows you to change the password for the specified user account. For UID "steve", the url would be /admin/setpass/steve.

###/admin/edit/:uid Allows you to edit the profile of the specified user account.

###/admin/shuffle This will assign secret santas from all signed-up users. This does not include unconfirmed invited users. It's recommended that you disable additional signups after this is run. Be careful to only click the shuffle button once, as in its current state, it can be run more than once, generating multiple pairings and producing unexpected results.

###/admin/pairings View the Secret Santa pairings. Will be empty if /admin/shuffle hasn't been run yet.

###/admin/pairings/new Generate a single new pairing. Personally, I used it for fixing a mistake I made after shuffling.

###/admin/newuser/:uid Complete the signup process for a user with the specified UID. Useful if you need to add another user after signups are closed.

###/admin/view/:uid View the specified user's profile.


Visit our issues page to see tasks to work on. Feel free to submit pull requests to the dev branch. If dependencies need updating, do not submit a pull request. Submit an issue, so compatibility can be checked before any changes are made. Please report any vulnerabilities.