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For eLife Sprint 2019
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For eLife Sprint 2019

Contributors: Sabine Weber, Michael Owonibi, Tiago Lubiana, Peter Murray-Rust, Sophia K. Cheng, Wambui Karuga, Leonie Mueck

Goals of the Project

  • Create a way of automatically extracting candidates for scientific equipment terms from scientific papers. Corpus we will use to start with: (a corpus of papers about phytochemistry). Contributors: Sabine, Wambui, Michael; working name of the tool SaWaMine

  • Create a user interface that would do the following: Display the paragraph/paper from which the SaWaMine tool extracted candidates of scientific equipment, show a list of the candidates, user can then click the ones that are actually equipment; Contributors: Sophia, Wambui

  • Use the list from Sophia with scientific equipment (supplemented by whatever SaWaMine will give us) to find out what kind of scientific equipment the papers in the CEVOpen corpus used. If possible, add the terms to Wikidata. Can then also be applied to other corpora. Contributors: Leonie and Peter

  • Long term goal: Connect those SaWaMine tool and the UI so they work together (similar to Appstract).

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