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Multi-format color scheme. Unpleasant but necessary
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Colonoscopy is a low contrast color scheme based on my textmate theme Havenjark.

It's available for:

  • Rubymine
  • Sublime Text
  • Textmate
  • Iterm 2
  • MacVim/GVim
  • Propane


Open sublime, select Preferences, Browse Packages. Put the theme file inside the User folder.


To install a it, download the xml file, copy to ~/Library/Preferences/RubyMine40/colors/ (Mac OS X) or C:\Users\%username%.RubyMine40\config\colors\ (Windows) and restart RubyMine. Then go to IDE Settings | Editor | Colors and select 'Colonoscopy'.

Colonoscopy for RubyMine screenshot


Download the css file, rename it to cf_chat.css and copy to ~/Library/Application\ Support/Propane/styles Colonoscopy for Propane screenshot

Inverted Colonoscopy

There's also an inverted version of Colonoscopy. Screenshot shows the sublime 3 and iterm colorschemes InvertedColonoscopy screenshots

White version

Sublime only WhiteColonscopy screenshot


  • Most of these themes uses the PragmataPro typeface. Make sure you have it or change the font before applying the theme.
  • You don't like the typeface. I know.
  • You don't like the theme. I know.
  • You don't like the theme name. I know.

Notable reactions

  • 'This theme makes me want to rip my eyes out.'
  • 'Unpleasant but necessary, like the procedure that inspires it.'


MIT License. Copyright 2013 Rodrigo Franco

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