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Lazy, AI chatbot service.
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AI chat bot service.

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Lazy allows you create awesome chat bot with no longer know ai!

Just teach lazy 4 your phase case!

Let him answer you instead!

You can try in telegram already: Lets chat with @LazyAIBot, my Turkish friends already teached somethings like as greetings. If you want host on your own, go ahead do this!

Create telegram bot

Telegram Bot Deploy: Deploy

Express HTTP Endpoint Deploy: Deploy

Nodejs Example Usages

Chat with lazy online in Turkish lazy

Node Usage

# Or npm install --save
$> yarn add
const Lazy = require('');

async function start() {
  const lazy = new Lazy();

  // Learn ..
  await lazy.learn({phrase: 'hello', category: 'greetings'})
  await lazy.learn({phrase: 'hi', category: 'greetings'})
  await lazy.learn({phrase: 'Hello there!', category: 'greetings'})

  // Maybe add action ..
  await lazy.addAction({category: 'greetings', actions: 'http://localhost:3000/'})
  // Or add usual response ..
  await lazy.addResponse({category: 'greetings', response: 'Hi there!'})

  // Query.
  await lazy.query({phrase: "hello dude!"})

  // Helpers..
  await lazy.getResponses({category: 'greetings'})
  await lazy.getCategories()

// Dont forget start your function :)

Ruby Usage

# Or Gemfile --> gem '', '~> 0.0.1'
$> gem install
require ''

# Change with a valid lazy chatbot server url.
lazy = "")

puts lazy.learn(phrase: "hello", category: "greetings")

puts lazy.add_response(response: "Hello there", category: "greetings")

puts lazy.query(phrase: "hello dude!")

puts lazy.get_responses(category: "greetings")

puts lazy.get_categories()


puts lazy.load()

Python Usage

# Or python install
$> pip install lazy-ai
import lazyai

# Change with a valid lazy chatbot server url.
lazy = lazyai.Lazy()

lazy.learn("hello", "greetings")

lazy.add_response("greetings", "Hello world!")

lazy.query("hello dude!")




See in action

Telegram Bot Usage

Learn something..

/learn hi - greeting

Add some greeting message..

/add greeting - Hello there!
/add greeting - Hello buddy!

Show categories


Show responses

/responses greeting

Just quiet


Save trained output


Load trained output


Express HTTP Endpoint Usage


Train sended data (phrase, category)

POST /learn

Forget trained data (phrase, category)

POST /forget

Add response in category (category, response)

POST /response

Add action in category (category, actions)

POST /action

Do query in trained data and response random response text.

POST /query

Get all trained categories (-)

GET /categories

Save trained data.

GET /save

Load already trained and saved data.

GET /load

Get responses order by category.

GET /responses/:category


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License & Contributors

Special thanks for ruby client @Yengas
Special thanks for python client @ahmetkotan

MIT © cagataycali

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