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Chat via nearby persons. Instant, Secure, Anonymously. πŸ•Ά
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Tick.Chat Manifest πŸ‘€

Tick's main aim is to removing prejudgments. You can chat nearby persons in anonymously. There have been tons of startups for these.

But wait, why I did Tick.Chat? πŸ€”

If an app says you, "Hey, you can chat anonymously!", the app mustn't have registration step. The app shouldn't ask gender, name, profile picture and whatever which your personal identity. If the app asks, we have to think about our privacy. I thought a lot. That's the reason I write Tick.Chat. Tick's vision is solid and simple, yet both UI and UX are lightweight. And the most exciting thing is it is open source! πŸ’ͺ

What does the app brings you? πŸ’­

The right question is, who are you? If you strict politician, you can do politics. If you a real cat lover you can give an advice who has cats. If you are a product owner, ask for feedback your last cool app. The sky is the limit. Eventually, Tick.Chat's main aim has your fun/productive time. If the vision got you, keep reading please. 😻

Privacy & Security ? πŸ™„

Tick requires notification and location permission. Why?

  • Notification permission: In app notifications and app version updates.
  • Location permission: Only in usage.
  • Chat history does not stored anywhere. 🀞
  • Nobody can read your chats.

Well, show me the app? πŸ€™

Yay! You decided first look.

Have fun! Be polite. Have a nice day. Tick.Chat

You can add home screen tick.

How can I help ?


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