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Restsharp is Simple REST and HTTP API Client
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Restsharp client implementation by using restsharp package you can consume your services easily.

There are two solutions in the repository. First is client, second is service which communicates by using json datas.

**Client is your client project including connection methods to services and sample service calls.
**Service is sample api service to test your client.

There are four main methods in the client project.

  • Post method which you can post your requests to service.
  • Put method which you can update your objects.
  • Get method which you can get from service.
  • Delete method which you can delete data.

by running two project at the same time (client and service), you can connect to service, debug, examine and integrate api client to your own projects.

DONT FORGET : change uri in the client application program.cs with your own local service uri.

Written by Mustafa Çağatay KIZILTAN

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