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MaQiaTTo ESP8266 Arduino Client

Arduino IDE Setup

  • Install the Arduino IDE 1.6.4 or greater from this site
  • To Install the ESP8266 Board Package, go to File->Preferences from IDE menu.
  • Add below URL into Additional Boards Manager URLs section.
  • Go to Boards Manager from Tools->Board->Boards Manager and search for esp8266 and press install.
  • After installation, you will be able to select ESP8266 based devices as a board under Tools->Board.
  • Select "NodeMCU 1.0" as board. It will auto complete board specifications; 80 MHz as CPU Frequency, 4M (1M SPIFFS) as Flash Size.
  • To be able to write SW on device and get traces, select a proper device path from Tools->Port section.
  • For linux users, add your user to the group of dialout to enable serial comm :
$ sudo adduser $USER dialout

Required Arduino Libraries

  • To install required MQTT library, navigate to Sketch->Manage Libraries->Library Manager and type below name of the library :

Running the MQTT sample

  • Firstly, download MaQiaTTo client sample repository via git or just download as zip :
$ git clone
  • From gathered directory, navigate into ESP8266 Arduino related code :
$ cd maqiatto/esp8266_arduino/maqiatto
  • Import maqiatto.ino file via File->Open to get all other required files.
  • Open Credentials.h file to update the given credentials with yours, like below:
/* WiFi Credentials*/

/* MQTT Credentials */
  • After credentials update, compile the code and burn into your device.
  • After you have successfully connect to your WiFi Network, MQTT connection will be provided. you can see below logs under Serial Monitor of the IDE :
Waiting for AP connection ...

Connected to AP. IP :
Trace   : Attempting MQTT connection...
Trace   : Connected to Broker.
Data    : dataCallback. Topic : []
Data    : dataCallback. Payload : temp:25
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