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MaQiaTTo ESP8266 Lua Client

Preparing Firmware

  • You need to burn Lua firmware to your ESP8266 before proceeding. Please follow this link for one of the best practice of firmware burning.
  • When you navigate to NodeMCU custom build page, do not forget to select MQTT from Select Modules to Include tab. PRovide your e-mail address and start build. Once build is completed, you will be notified and firmware download link will be provided.
  • Download the ESPTool to burn your firmware.
  • We offer to use pip to install ESPTool :
pip install esptool
  • Copy downloaded image under downloaded esptool directory and change directory into it.
  • Use below command to burn downloaded firmware :
python ./ --port /dev/tty{YOUR_DEVICE_NAME} write_flash 0x00000 {YOUR_DOWNLOADED_FIRMWARE}

Running with MQTT Sample

  • Firstly, download MaQiaTTo client sample repository via git or just download as zip :
$ git clone
  • From gathered directory, navigate into ESP8266 Lua related code :
$ cd maqiatto/esp8266_lua
  • Open init.lua file and modify below credentials with yours :
  • Get LuaTool.
  • Navigate into the luatool directory where resides.
  • Write our two lua script into the device with below commands :
./ --port /dev/tty{YOUR_DEVICE_NAME} --baud 115200 --src {PATH_TO_YOUR_INIT_LUA_FILE} --dest init.lua --verbose
./ --port /dev/tty{YOUR_DEVICE_NAME} --baud 115200 --src {PATH_TO_YOUR_MQTT_LUA_FILE} --dest mqtt.lua --verbose
  • You will saw the writing process line by line. After both completed, open a serial monitor to /dev/tty{YOUR_DEVICE_NAME}. You will see below like logs that proves your connection is done :
NodeMCU custom build by
	branch: master
	commit: c16adb5dfb8c02b692034bbd553502765b9733cc
	SSL: false
	modules: file,gpio,mqtt,net,node,tmr,uart,wifi
 build created on 2019-06-17 19:51
 powered by Lua 5.1.4 on SDK 2.2.1(6ab97e9)
> Connecting to AP...
Connecting to AP...
maqiatto test
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