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Client Connection Guide for ESP devices with Micropython

Getting ready for Micropython

  • There are several ways to run and burn micropython on your devices. It is preferred to use uPyCraft IDE to accomplish this task.
  • Follow up this link to make your environment ready for the python development and running uPyCraft.
  • As the previous link suggests, get the latest firmware from the given link and follow up the instructions in the IDE.

Running Micropython MQTT sample on ESP Devices

  • Firstly, download MaQiaTTo client sample repository via git or just download as zip :
$ git clone
  • From gathered directory, navigate into ESP8266 Micropython related code :
$ cd maqiatto/esp8266_micropython
  • Put all python codes under your uPyCraft workspace directory.
  • From the IDE menu, do File->Flush Directory. Your files will be visible in the IDE.
  • Update below credentials under file :
# Update below credentials with yours
mqtt_user = 'YOUR_MQTT_USER'
mqtt_pass = 'YOUR_MQTT_PASS'
topic_sub = b'YOUR_TEST_TOPIC'
topic_pub = b'YOUR_TEST_TOPIC_AGAIN'
  • Connect your device to PC via USB and select correct port via Tools->Serial.
  • Press F5 or Tools->Donload and Run.
  • Reboot your device and you will see below logs bottom side of the IDE which means everything is OK :
Connection successful
('', '', '', '')
Connected to broker, subscribed to b'' topic
(b'', b'maqiatto test #0')
(b'', b'maqiatto test #1')
(b'', b'maqiatto test #2')
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