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A Gitk-like application written in RubyCocoa that looks like it belongs on a Mac. See the wiki for downloads and screenshots.
Ruby Objective-C
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English.lproj Show alert when you launch GitNub without the nub command from a dir …
GitNub.xcodeproj Move initialization stuff out of the applicaiton controller
Sparkle.framework Added sparkle support.
assets Better placeholder for blame view
controllers Better placeholder for blame view
lib This time, lets actually add diff-lcs
views Fixed NSMinYEdge -> CGRectMinYEdge for 64-bit (Snow Leopard) compat
.gitattributes Add gitattributes to specify merge and diff. Thanks [KirinDave].
.gitignore Remove now-useless entry for nub/build/* from .gitignore
.gitmodules Add grit as a submodule and cleanup the directory structure a bit
GNFileSystemItem.h Show alert when you launch GitNub without the nub command from a dir …
GNFileSystemItem.m Add blame view canvas and make sure searching uses strings insted of …
GNTreeDataSource.h Outline view now shows generic list of repo file system
GNTreeDataSource.m Lazily initialize the data source and other changes
Info.plist Bumped the version to 0.9.1
LICENSE Add nub subproject
README.markdown Fix the README build instructions and change some language to make th…
Rakefile Add install (and related) tasks to the Rakefile
bootstrap.rb This time, lets actually add diff-lcs
main.m Initial import
nub Fixed command line script to get rid of warning message upon launch. …
rb_main.rb Will now accept the pwd from a seperate command line program as the r…



A RubyCocoa app for getting quick information for a git repo. Similar to GitK.


  • Git, RubyCocoa, Leopard, RubyGems, open4

Quick Install

  1. Move to /Applications
  2. Move (or symlink) nub shell file to /usr/local/bin

How to Use

In your shell, move to a git directory and invoke nub. You always use this helper to invoke the application, otherwise you get nothing.

    $Caged@caged:~/dev/git/gitnub% nub

Building from Source

  1. Run git submodule init & git submodule update in the root directory.
  2. Run rake build or open GitNub.xcodeproj in Xcode - press Build
  3. Run rake install to move to /Applications and copy nub to /usr/local/bin.

Major Contributors

  • Justin Palmer - Maintainer
  • Benjamin Stiglitz
  • Kevin Ballard
  • Dustin Sallings
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