A simple way to to fetch and convert open datatsets involving Portland, Oregon.
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Portland Atlas

  • Easily download and convert public GIS (shapefile) data for Portland, Oregon.
  • Generate png images from Shapefiles

This project was influenced by world-atlas.


It's best to clone the repository and work directly from the project directory since most features are controlled through the Makefile.

git clone https://github.com/Caged/portland-atlas.git


make shp/neighborhoods.shp
make topo/neighborhoods.json
make png/neighborhoods.png
... ... ...
bicycle network bicycle parking blockgroup 1990
blockgroup 2000 blockgroup 2010 bridges
buildings business associations cip data
city boundaries contours 5ft corners
counties curb ramps curbs
development opportunity areas enterprise ecommerce zone freight districts
freight facilities guardrail heritage trees
historic trolleys homebuyer opportunity areas intermodal facilities
its camera its sign leaf pickup
lid boundaries lid streets neighborhoods
parking meters parks desired future cond parks easements
parks taxlots parks trails parks vegetation surveys
parks pavement maint pavemoratorium
pedestrian districts percent slope portland streets permit jobs line
portland streets permit jobs point portland streets permit jobs polygon portland transit stations
portland_oregon_osm_line portland_oregon_osm_point portland_oregon_osm_polygon
school attendance areas sidewalks signage lighting improvement program
snow ice routes storefront improvement areas street contract jobs line
street contract jobs multipoint street sweeping street trees
streets traffic calming traffic signal
trimet boundary trimet park and rides trimet rail lines
trimet rail stops trimet route stops trimet routes
trimet stops trimet transit centers tsp classifications
tsp district boundaries urban growth boundary history urban growth boundary
urban renewal areas vegetation water
watersheds wellhead prot areas zipcodes
zoning_anno_pdx zoning_arrows_pdx zoning_pdx